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rubber leg fly  English  fly
  American fly pattern. It is a fly attached with thin strips of rubber imitating the legs of an insect, and seemingly it was used from the 1960s in the Great Lakes region before spreading across to Montana several years afterward to become a popular fly. The early pattern was called Girdle Bug. Since the trembling motion of rubber legs in the water attracted the trout and it fished quite well, patterns such as Bitch Creek and Yuk Bug were made. In the 1980s, the pattern was used for a dry fly, and the Madam X developed by Doug Swisher claimed fame. In recent years guides in Utah created the Chernobyl Ant. It consists of foam material plus rubber leg, and it could be called a chemical fly, considering the fly was made solely out of artificial material, and it can be a reaching point of a rubber leg fly.
  The power of a rubber leg fly has been proven because five out of thirteen winning flies at the One Fly contest in 1998 were flies with rubber legs.
  A story lives in which a fly equipped with the rubber of woman's under wear has been accepted by fly fishermen, especially in the western and mid western America.
ReferenceFish flies, 1995.
rubber leg, girdle bug, Bitch Creek, Yuk Bug, Madam X, Chernobyl Ant, One Fly Contest
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A spore sprout of field horsetail.
 I always look for it when I go yamame fishing in spring. Somewhere in Japan.