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  It is one of the rise forms of trout, and in this rise form, the water surface protrudes in a triangular shape like a pyramid by the feeding action of a trout. At its tip, the water breaks white. This rise form happens in the evening or at night, and it was mentioned by Eric Taverner of Britain in the book "Trout Fishing from All Angles" (1932). It is a rise form that makes a big white splash on a dark water surface, and when Taverner performed a stomach autopsy of the trout, he saw that caddis emergers of a green body to which the shack was still attached were preyed upon. This caddis was later confirmed as Hydropsyche pellucidura. He concluded that the trout pursued and dashed the caddis emerger in the water, and pushed up the water surface.
  The author has seen this rise form for the hatch of Stenopsyche marmorata at Oshino Katsuragawa without knowing the name of this rise. Thanks to Mr. Taverner he now has a name for it now.
  It is a good example that an angler can ascertain from the rise form what the trout is preying on.
ReferenceTrout fishing from all angles, 1932 (1929).
rise form, Trout Fishing from All Angles, emerger, Oshino Katsuragawa
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