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  A general English term for a neck feather, it depicts feathers that cover the neck to the back of fowl. Each feather is a hackle feather. When fowl get angry, their feathers are bristled up, and it is called they hackle up. To avoid mistakes they are often called neck hackle. Neck hackle on the market often contains cape feathers in addition to neck hackle, and the whole item may be called a hackle cape.
  This is a material used most abundantly in fly tying. Male hackle (cock neck hackle) and female hackle (hen neck hackle) are used for different purposes. Please refer to cock neck hackle and hen neck hackle.
  In addition, saddle feather is often called saddle hackle by fly tyers. Furthermore, hackle may be used as a portion of a fly. For example, it is commonly believed that brown and a grizzly hackle are used for the hackle of Adams.
ReferenceRare and unusual fly tying materials, Vol. II, 1997.
neck feather, cape feather, cock neck hackle, hen neck hackle, hackle cape, fly, saddle feather, body feather
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