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Hardy Perfect (fly reel)  English reel》《brand name
  A British fly reel and made by the Hardy Brothers Co. This was an epoch-making reel made in 1888 by Forster Hardy who was the third oldest brother of the Hardy brothers. It first appeared in their catalog in 1891. The reel was entirely made of brass, and it had an ivory winding knob attached. It had many perforations in the spool. The reel was equipped with a newly developed drag system that adjusts the pressure of a spring on the nail of the ratchet. Moreover, for the first time, ball bearings were used in order to achieve smooth rotation of the reel axis, and indeed it offered a revolutionary smooth spool rotation. It was a simply built reel made of three parts: a reel frame including a ratchet, a spool, and a side board plus handle fixed to the spool.
  Starting in 1903, a circular line guard was attached to the reel. Later weight savings were achieved by using aluminum instead of brass for its construction. Owing to the two significant new components - one was the failure-proof ratchet and drag system, and the other was the usage of ball bearings - this reel became an outstanding reel in the history of fly reels. Hardy's reel proofed to be a remarkable success after its invention, and the reel had a great influence on other reel makers.
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