Ruddy Fly, Berners

ShellFly, Berners
Griffith's Gnat  English fly
  American dry fly. A pattern made by George Griffith who lived in Michigan, and was one of the founders of Trout Unlimited. Gnat in a narrow meaning stands for Simuliidae and Bibio of Diptera, however in a broader perspective it is the same as a midge, a pattern that covers a wide range of Diptera flies.
  It is a fly pattern first used in the Ausable River (Michigan) area, and it shows its power on slick water such as the flow of a chalk stream. According to Darrel Martin, the fly that became the basis of the Griffith Gnat is the Witch, and its origin can be even further traced back to the Gray Palmer. The author agrees with Martin that there are few differences between the Witch and this fly.
  It is a very simple fly, easy to tie, it holds good visibility, and it catches fish well. The author was repeatedly rescued by this fly in the past. This is a masterpiece fly born in U.S.A. to achieved world hegemony. Refer to color and XX page.
Tying Material
hook: dry fly hook, # 14-28
thread: black, olive
body: peacock herl
ribbing: fine gold wire (option)
hackle: grizzly, palmer to the whole body
ReferenceFlies for trout, 1993. Trout (Schwiebert), 1978. Micropatterns, 1999 (1994).
gnat, Simuliidae, Bibio, Diptera (order), Witch, Gray Palmer, Ausable River - (1)
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