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  Graylings belong to Thymallinae of Salmonidae and form the genus Thymallus which contains 4-5 species. In Latin "thymus" is thyme, and the word was adopted because the fish has a sweet scent similar to thyme that resembles the scent of watermelon. "Gray" of "grayling" depicts the body color of the fish, and the fish is also called umber. In German it is Asche. Refer to color and XX page.
  European grayling (Thymallus thymallus), arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus, American grayling), and Michigan grayling (Thymallus tricolor) belong to this group.
  Graylings inhabit colder water than trout, feed on aquatic insects, do not become as large as trout, and are a good fly fishing target. They are sensitive to water pollution, and since they stop feeding in polluted waters, they have often been utilized as the index of water pollution levels. Their build is slender, the head and mouth are smaller than that of trout, and the dorsal fin is large like the sail of a yacht. That makes it easy to distinguish the fish from others. Moreover, the dorsal fin and tail fin have a beautiful purplish red or blue tone. They lay eggs in spring throughout early summer. Graylings are a delicious table fish.
  Although grayling tend to be rated on a lower on the scale of desired targets for fly fishing by some, others are fond of grayling fishing because the fish reacts quite well to dry flies, especially to small flies. It shows a good fight by jumping into the air when hooked. Charles Ritz and the author are grayling lovers. The grayling is called "the lady of the stream", in contrast with "the gentleman of the stream", the trout.
  In Europe, because grayling also feed actively in winter and lays eggs in spring, grayling fishing starts when the trout fishing season has ended. Various flies have been made for grayling fishing and their sizes are generally small.
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Salmonidae, arctic grayling (American grayling), European grayling, Charles Ritz
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