Quill Gordon


Two Feather CDC
About the Book
  The Japanese edition of the book was first published by Kawano Books in April, 2005. The author decided to write, edit, design, present/ publish and market his lifework himself. A voluminous work of 684 pages, it contains 3275 headings/words, 208 color pictures, and 153 illustrations. It is bound in dark green cloth and putting gold leaf, weighs in at 3 pounds, is a size B5, with superior binding using thread.
  The book is:
ü A long awaited dictionary of fly fishing based on a 14-year investigation of the literature and on the personal experience of the author
ü Recommended as a source for fishing writers and editors of fishing journals
ü Recommended for beginners and veterans alike
  The book contains:
ü The book covers most of the terms used by fly fishermen -
   (more than 3275 terms)
ü Exact contents based on original descriptions
ü Contents reviewed by specialists in each field
ü Information on noxious organisms of interest to anglers written by MD
ü Easy to grasp historical flow of fly patterns and the fishing tackles

An evening of Henry's Fork, Idaho, U.S.A.
An evening of Henry's Fork, Idaho, U.S.A.
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