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Yellowstone National Park  English park
  A vast nature park with the shape of an almost regular quadrangle. The distance from one end to the other is about 100 km, and it is located at the north west corner of the State of Wyoming in the US. It preserves a part of the Rocky Mountains with the altitudes of 2000 m or more. The park was founded in the area called "the land of the yellow stone (Yellowstone)" because of the presence of sulfur in the stones. Any angler can enjoy fishing surrounded by a beautiful setting by simply buying an inexpensive fishing license and by following the fishing regulations. Founded in 1872 it is the first national park in the world. There are many hot springs in the park.
  The park contains excellent and famous trout streams such as the Yellowstone River, Madison River, Firehole River, Gibbon River, Yellowstone Lake, Lamar River, Slough Creek, and others. Because all the animals and plants within the park are completely protected, there are many buffalo, elk, deer, and wolves in close proximity where fishermen fish. Special attention should be paid to brown bears. At the entrance to the park is a sign saying "YOU ARE ENTERING BEAR COUNTRY." Refer to color page (XX, 00, ?? page).
  There are four entrances to the park, at the north, south, east and west. Because the west entrance is located near the town of West Yellowstone, it is convenient to stay in a hotel or motel in town. The famous spring creeks of Paradise Valley are located near the north entrance, and the town of Livingston is close by.
West Yellowstone, Yellowstone River, Madison River, Firehole River
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Necklace of CherryBlossom
In April, cherry blossom falls onto river and its petals gather around a rock
forming "a necklace of petal."
 Akiyama River, Yamanashi Pref., Japan.
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