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The Popham, Francis
The Popham, Francis
Traun River  German + English river
  A famous trout river in Austria. Its origin is in the north of the Austrian Alps, it flows mostly north, and drains into the Danube near Linz. The fishing area open to the public has two sections, one is the backwater of Halstatt See (Lake) called "Kopfen-Traun", the other is called "Traun bei Gmunden", a section from just below the Traun See (Lake) to about 14 km downstream. The latter is a major fishing spot, where the river is surrounded by beautiful woods, and is an average of 100 yards wide. It has a lot of shallows and depths, has a pebble bottom, and is easy to wade in many spots. Fly casting can be performed freely in most of the places.
  The river has been visited by many anglers from all over the world, and amongst them were Charles Ritz and Earnest Hemingway. Refer to color and XX page.
  Fish stocks consist of brown trout, rainbow trout, and grayling, and the grayling of this river is famous for its good size. A neighboring town by the lake is Gmunden, located about 2 hours drive on the Autobahn from Vienna. The Traun bei Gmunden starts to flow out of the Traun See at the town of Gmunden, where there is a well known angler's hotel next to the river. It is called Hotel Marienbrucke and at the main entrance stood a bust of Hans Goebetzleuter who was an outstanding fly fisherman and a guide for Charles Ritz.
  It is a river which the author loves deeply and a photograph of the author and Hans sitting in their chairs smiling is now a valued treasure.
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Unknown (to the author) plant grows lively at the riverside in Spring.
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