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tailwater   English
  The flow under a dam or a reservoir is called tail water. It is so called because it looks like a tail when a dam is envisioned as an animal such as a rat.
  Tail water becomes an excellent trout stream depending on its management. If the water flow is controlled constantly and cold water flows from the bottom of the dam, the water level of the river will be stable all year round, and the cold water will serve as an ideal environment for trout. This condition is also good for the growth of aquatic plants and insects. Examples of such a complete set of conditions are the Bighorn River, San Juan River, Green River, South Platte River, Frying Pan River, Delaware River, and Beaverhead River.
Bighorn River, San Juan River, South Platte River, Frying Pan River, Delaware River
total length  English
  Total length is the length of a whole animal. In the case of fish, total length is measured from the tip (tip of the bill if it is a swordfish) of the nose of a fish to the rear end of the tail fin. Anglers and commercial fisherman express the size of a fish with total length. Since it is the maximum length, the rear end of a fish should be measured with the tail fin puckered and shut by hand. Some anglers might have lost out without knowing this. On the other hand, in ichthyology, it is the standard to use a "body length" not a "total length." (see body length)
  In the case of insects, total length again means the maximum length, and it includes the antenna and the tail. In entomology on the other hand, body length is used as the standard.
  Incidentally, because an antenna is long and the wing is longer than the abdomen in caddis and in stoneflies, the total length sometimes means the length from the tip of the head to the rear end of the folded wing.
ReferenceKen Schultz's fishing encyclopedia and 2000.
body length
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Oshorokoma, which is called Dolly Varden in the states,
inhabits Japan naturally. It does not grow large in Japan. 
At Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan.