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  A fly casting method, which presumably started in the 19th century at the Spey River in Scotland. When explained in simple terms, it is a roll cast with a direction conversion function. However, unlike in the usual roll cast, a line goes with an U-shaped loop in the Spey cast and an angler shoots the line after the line tip touches the water surface as an anchor. In the Spey cast, wide backspace is not necessary.
  The cast starts from the state where a fly line is extended downstream. Here is a way to do the Spey cast: raise the rod tip to place the line near to the angler, move the rod tip a little behind the angler, wait to form a loop with the line at the water surface, and shoot the line. This is an energy-saving cast for anglers who learn how to do it. There are single Spey and double Spey casts. A Snake Roll Cast is another technique used in Spey casts and it is a convenient technique. However, it requires a bit of practice to learn this cast.
  A Spey cast is commonly used for salmon fishing and steelhead fishing, it is performed with a combination of a long double hand rod and a Spey line designed to have a long berry. On the other hand, it can be performed with a single hand rod for trout fishing, and it is effective in a small creek covered by trees.
  When the the author visited the Spey River in Scotland for salmon fishing, he learned the Spey cast from a guide called Tom Heaps. Double Spey can be learned quickly if the angler has experience in fly fishing, and he can use it for fishing after a half day's practice. Single Spey is slightly more difficult.
  Although it is easy to do the Spey cast with a floating line, it becomes difficult with a sinking line. Mr. Norio Nodera, an expert of Spey cast, told me that when an angler becomes able to perform a Spey cast with a sinking line, he would be called an accomplished Spey caster.
ReferenceInternational Spey casting (video), 1999.
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