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  English, fly fisherman, lawyer. 1858-1949. George Edward McKenzie Skues was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, and grew up in Aberdeen and in Winchester. At age 9, he contracted an eye disease and lost sight in his left eye. It is well known that he used many pseudonyms throughout his life including "E. O. E.," and "A Limity Dincombe."
  Skues harbored a broad perspective, not adhering to nymph or wet flies only, but he used dry flies in the proper situation. His nymph was not weighted, so it seems that he never went deep in the water. His favorite river was the Itchen, and it became popular at his time for Itchen fishermen to be supporters of Skues. This was contrasted often with Frederick Halford who's favorite river was the Test. A famous legendary episode contends that Skues, who was the representative nymph fisherman, met Halford who was the representative dry fly fisherman at the Flyfisher's Club of London one day and they exchanged a few words.
  Skues produced many publications on fishing. In "Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream "(1910), he mentioned the effectiveness of nymph fishing, and established a base of nymph fishing, when dry fly fishing was most popular in England at that time. In the foreword of the book, he writes as follows. "DEDICATED, TO MY FRIEND THE DRY-FLY PURIST AND TO MY ENEMIES IF I HAVE ANY" It was obvious dry-fly purist pointed to Halford. Skues wrote other great books. They were "The Way of a Trout with a Fly" in 1921, "Side-Lines, Side-Lights, Reflections" in 1932, and when he was 80 years of age he wrote "Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout" (1939) as a grand sum of his fishing.
  Because a photo of Skues with a grimace was often shown in books and in magazines, it may give the readers an impression that he was a bad tempered and grave person. However, John Goddard mentioned that Skues was a amiable and tolerable gentleman. Halford caught the spirit of a generation, on the other hand Skues was not properly valued when he was alive. Now, it is said by many that the insight and the originality of Skues exceeds that of Halford.
  Skues cited a Kipling's poem in his later life:
 Go softly by that river's side
 Or when you would depart
 You'll find its every winding tied
 And knotted round your heart
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