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Poacher's retrieve is an effective way of fishing in a quiet lake or pond where the water transparency is high, and a school of trout come together at one place and feed at the bottom. If a fly line is cast under such conditions, and when the line touches the water surface, trout will be spooked by the line and will dash away from it. In the poacher's retrieve, a fly and the leader are first prepared to sink well, and then the line is cast. Although the crowd of trout breaks up, the fly is allowed to sink to the bottom. Then, wait patiently until the trout return again. When they are back, the fly line is retrieved slowly and the fly is brought up to the water surface. If successful, trout will pursue and bite the fly. This way of fishing seems to have been known for many years, however an originator of this method is not known.
  The author has experience of using this method without knowing the name of it. It was at the Sullivan's Through in Silver Creek, where the water was so clear and so shallow that it seemed quite difficult to fish. Big trout were feeding at the bottom in the center of the through. He then cast the line and allowed the fly to sink to the bottom. Trout dashed to the edge of the through. He then put the rod on the bank and smoked a cigarette or two waiting possibly for 10 to 20 minutes. Then trout began to flock around the center, and when the retrieve was carried out, an about 60 cm rainbow trout ate the fly, and BANG!!! The author was able to observe the full particulars of this action. He would like to add in conclusion, that he was not a poacher at that time.
ReferenceTrout (Schwiebert), 1978.
Silver Creek
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