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 He was a noted American fly rod builder (1831-1907) who was called "the father of the modern bamboo rod." Hiram Lewis Leonard was born in Sebec and lived in Bangor, Maine. He liked hunting and fly fishing, and he initially made rods as a hobby. After he made an agreement to sell his rod with Bradford & Anthony company, he established his own company in 1869 and began making bamboo rods professionally. At that time a beautiful raised pillar reel called Philbrook & Payne Reel was made. From 1878 through 1976, William Mills & Son of New York sold Leonard's rods exclusively.
  In 1880, he built a 6-strip bamboo rod for his wife Lizzie. He left Maine in 1881, and moved his craft studio to Central Valley which is north of Manhattan, New York.
  Because he willingly taught people the technology, the knowledge and the pleasure of bamboo rod building, many people gathered around him. They included his son Reuben Leonard, his nephew Hawes brothers, Edward Payne, Eustis Edwards, Fred Thomas, and George Varney. Each of them later became an excellent bamboo rods builder. It was not until 1895 when Tonkin cane was imported for the first time to the US. The bamboo used as the material of Hiram Leonard's rod was Calcutta cane. After Hiram Leonard's death, his son Reuben Leonard succeeded him in leading the company that continued to build rods.
  An interesting episode remains. Hiram loved music, and it appears that he enjoyed giving concerts with his pupils. In order to become one of his pupils, he should play at least one musical instrument. 
  Although H.L. Leonard Company continued producing quality rods, the factory was attacked by fire in 1964 and all were burned down. Despite the effort for recovery after that, the company was sold in 1976 to Johnson and Sun Co., Inc. which was the wax manufacturing industry. Between 1977 and 1982, Thomas (Tom) Maxwell worked for the Leonard Company, and outstanding dry fly action rods were produced. Thereafter, the company continued declining, all the machines and materials were put on auction in 1985, and Leonard's rod building history has ended. The influence of Leonard company on bamboo rod building history is quite large. Its technology and knowledge has been inherited to Sam Carlson, Walt Carpenter, Ron Kusse, Bob Taylor, Marc Aroner, Thomas (Tom) Dorsey, Tom Moran, Per Brandin, and Robert Gorman.
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