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Jackson Hole One Fly  Englishtournament
  A fishing tournament held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was started in 1986 by Jack Dennis to further the protection of trout. It has been held once a year since then. It is an interesting, entertaining event that attracts fly fishermen from all over the U.S.A. This gathering is held over a period of two days in September on the Snake River. It is carried out by forming teams made up of four persons each, and it offers team and individual awards. As the name suggests, anglers can only use one fly per day. If the fly is lost, the angler has to stop fishing for the day. It is also called a one fly contest.
  The winners of the individual matches, and the winning flies starting with the 1st convention are as follows: (Data offered by Scott Sanchez of Wyoming)
1986: Reynolds Pomeroy, Lime Trude
1987: Tom Knopnick, Dry Muddler
1988: Tom Knopnick, Western Coachman
1989: George Anderson, George's Brown Stone Rubber Leg
1990: George Anderson, Turck's Tarantula
1991: Skip Brittenham, Hair Wing Adams
1992: Walter Ungerma, Double Bunny (streamer)
1993: Walter Ungerman, Double Bunny (streamer)
1994: Carter Andrews, Double Bunny (streamer)
1995: Gary Eckman, Chernobyl Ant
  Sinking line is prohibited to use from this year.
1996: Frank Hussey, Tasmanian Tarantula
1997: Cliff Williams, Rubber Leg Wooly Bugger
1998: Peter Moyer, Rusty Spinner
1999: Joe Bressler, Amy's Ant
2000: Tom Tusher (Tucker?), John's Skwala Stone
2001: Willy's Red Ant
2002: Orange Crush
2003: Roger Plooser, Peachy BMOC (Big Man on Campus)
 By the way, Snake River is a rocky river, contains many cutthroat trout and caddis. Stonefly commonly hatch in September.
ReferenceTight loop (in Japanese) 3: 1998. Trout flies: proven patterns, 1993.
rubber leg fly, Trude, Lime Trude, Muddler, Turck's Tarantula, Adams, Double Bunny, Chernobyl Ant, Rusty Spinner
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