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The Popham, Francis
The Popham, Francis
Archimedian Reel  English reel
  British fly reel. Invented by Frederick Skinner of Sheffield, England, he gained a patent on it in 1848, the first patent for fly reels. In the history of reel making this reel is considered the prototype of modern fly reels, the reel is often called "Archi."
  Skinner's reel was a single action reel, a winch without pillars. It was equipped with a drag system. The system is simple, and it is made up by a steel wire compressing the spool rim. An adjusting screw is attached to control the pressing strength. The spool is exposed, and the handle knob is attached directly to the spool. The reel was a side-mounter, so called because the reel foot was attached to its side, and the reel was horizontally fixed to the rod. The spool has more than ten perforations to reduce its weight and to allow air ventilation.
  It is an outstanding reel that has contributed novel ideas in reel making history. These included the development of a drag system and ideas for reducing its weight by exposing and perforating the spool. These ideas without doubt have had a huge influence on other reel makers. However, the reel was so out of the ordinary at the time of its invention, apparently nobody could imitate it. This type of reel is scarce and has now become a collectors' item.
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ReferenceClassic & antique fly-fishing tackle, 1997.
drag, winch, side-mounter, fly reel
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